The Global Iboga Therapy Alliance

Beta Version

GITA is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the sacramental and therapeutic uses of iboga, as well as its alkaloids and their analogs, through sustainability initiatives, scientific research, education, and advocacy.

Clinical Guidelines

The Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification, version 1, is available here.


Since 2009 GITA organises international Conferences – the next will take place 2024 in Berlin

Patient Advocacy

We offer mediation between ibogaine providers and patients as well as crisis support.

Peer Support

We’re at the centre of an international network of Iboga and ibogaine providers, providing support where it’s needed and mutual learning.


We’re developing a database of scientific papers on iboga and ibogaine to stimulate and facilitate research.


The Global Iboga Therapy Alliance (GITA) is dedicated to creating a world in which iboga developes sustainably and equitably, where the sacramental and therapeutic potential of iboga and ibogaine has been explored, researched, and shared, so that they are safely and affordably available for those seeking to work with and benefit from their various applications.